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Experimental Way of Learning

Brookes Moscow helps to increase the understanding of each subject from different sides. Last few weeks our Diploma Programme (DP) students created a model of lungs. Together with Biology and  Science Teacher, Mr. Sandip Kulkarni, 13-Year students designed this model for a better understanding of processes in a human body. As a part of this approach, students were assigned a task to make a model of lungs using items found in daily life such as plastic bottles, balloons, and straws. Students were given a few instructions for their formative work to complete the model. There were two conditions to score the outcome: the model should be fully completed and it should be functional. Students excitedly participated during the lesson and completed the task being collaborative. They learned and understood, how the lungs work amongst the various organs of our respiratory system and how they help us to breathe air in and out.
Сomprehensive and experimental way of learning is a key point in the expansion of knowledge and development. Our school provides all opportunities for students to be creative and curious.