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Holiday Gift Drive

The last weeks of the first term are always filled with a festive feeling as we prepare to celebrate the new beginnings, surrounded by our loved ones. As the cold December weather sets in, the members of our community are driven by their desire to help bring holiday magic to the lives of those who need it most. This season, our annual Holiday Gift Drive campaign ran in support of the “Paperbird” Children’s Hospice – a non-profit organisation that Brookes Moscow has supported and built close relationships with throughout various campaigns and internal events for over three years. Such a close relationship with the Hospice Team helped us make sure that the presents that we delivered were truly meaningful and brought both joy and comfort to the lives of these young patients and their families. With donations coming in daily, over 330 units of goods of all types – from Arts & Crafts Kits and Waffle Makers to Diapers and Dry Shampoo – were gifted to the two hospices located Moscow and Saint Petersburg regions.

Our regular Brookes Moscow Charity Events help us foster a higher sense of responsibility within our diverse community, teach our students true empathy and give us a chance to create meaningful change in the world around us. We truly value this unique opportunity that we have and are grateful to everyone who contributed to our 2022 Holiday Gift Drive.

If you wish to find out more about the current needs of the Paper Bird Hospice or other foundations supported by Brookes Moscow, you can contact us at info@moscow.brookes.org and we will redirect your request to our Charity Coordinator.

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