I can not tell how proud I am of being a member of Brookes...It is quite a difficult and demanding experience to start your children's education in a country that you have never been. It is difficult trying to understand a new school system and curriculums. Brookes has brought a new level of understanding to all Korean parents. I am so proud of my children learning at Brookes! - James P, Parent, 2020
James P, Parent, 2020
Thank you for hearing the voices of parents and making improvements.
- Parent, 2020
Parent, 2020
Thanks to you, my son who already loves Brookes, is in a more joyful mood. I believe that your kind dedication will make Brookes even better. 
- Parent, 2020
Parent, 2020
I love Brookes Moscow because it has a lovely community and overall atmosphere! The Brookes Moscow community is a very accepting and open community that welcomes all! – Artur, Year 12
Artur, Year 12
The IB DP is a challenging program itself, and Brookes Moscow allows students to learn and thrive in it. -Daniel, Year 12
Daniel, Year 12
Brookes Moscow is a very inclusive community that holds many different cultures. The teachers at Brookes Moscow inspire students to learn and become a well rounded students. - Julija, Year 12
Julija, Year 12
The curriculum is well balanced (not too easy or difficult). All the teachers have a positive mindset and are approachable. Sergey, Year 11

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